Our gentle handmade soaps are made with saponified olive, coconut, palm & soy bean oils, 

they are scented with pure essential oils and or "skin friendly" fragrance oils. 

Botanicals are often added to many of our recipes. 

We grow and wildcraft many herbs here in North Carolina.

All our cold process soap is made from small 12 pound batches. 

We take our time and carefully cure each batch for a minimum of 4 weeks before we sell it. 

Curing is necessary to create a mild soap and to harden the bar so it will last longer for you.

"Cold" Process means that we make these soaps without heating or cooking to cure or saponify. 

Nothing is removed in our process and no detergents or petroleum products are added.

Each bar is hand cut and weighs approximately 5.5 ounces.

Cold Process Soap $4.75

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7LB - Bulk 17 bars, cut logs are $60.00 postage paid
14LB - Bulk 34 bars, cut blocks are $118.00 postage paid

bulk soap

Bulk Soap (nekit soap bars)

7 pound logs and 14 pound blocks (cut and trimmed into bars)
Unique, luxurious and at a special savings.
Our colorful water based cold process
and cold process goat milk soaps,
All logs and blocks will be hand cut and trimmed
into bars weighing approxamtaly 6 oz each
7 pound Logs will yield 17 bars,
14 pound blocks are 34 bars.
Unwrapped, unlabeled.
Shipped postage paid.

* Please allow 2-7 days lead time on bulk soap orders. 
These are freshly made,
curing soaps and ready to use when you recieve them.
Extra curing/drying time just makes them better,
For a few days you can allow bars to
air dry and not store in airtight container.

* Special request scents or styles are welcome, just ask!

Bulk 17 bars, cut logs are $60.00 postage paid
Bulk 34 bars, cut blocks are $118.00 postage paid

Cold Process Bulk Soap
Colorful water based
Olive, Palm, Coconut & Soybean Oils
High quality Fragrance or Essential oils
Pigment Color
Color and style may vary


bulk soap

bulk soap

bulk soap